If there was a theme to this year’s Oscar extravaganza, it was that contrary to the film title, Hollywood would have very few days without Mexicans going forward. As films like Children of Men, Babel, and Pan’s Labryinth cleaned up, it was obvious that things had changed. But that’s the world of prestige filmmaking, which is a world where art can take precedence (somewhat) over commerce and broad appeal is a secondary concern. In the world of mainstream films, there’s still a long way to go for Hispanic filmmakers. And since Hollywood damn sure isn’t going to do anything about it, it falls to individuals to change that.

One of my favorite (and shortest*) individuals has decided to do just that. Salma Hayek just announced that she’s forming a pact with MGM to form a film company specializing in mainstream-appealing Latino movies. Vestanazul, which is Spanish for “My eyes are up here, jackass,” will be housed at MGM and will be acquiring or making (but probably a lot more of the former) two to four films a year that have Latin themes or Latin actors or even quesadillas at craft services, yet still have broad appeal in hopes of showing that minority-based films don’t have to be niche films.

Bizarrely enough, she pointed to Frida as an example of what she was going for, and we all know how period biopics about unibrowed, tormented artists rack up the scrilla at the box office, right? Yeah. We’re probably going to see a lot more stuff like her second  (and most obvious) example, Ugly Betty, which is of course one of the most buzzed about new TV shows as well as another Hayek-associated project. I’m fine with either. Just please stay far fucking away from the likes of Chasing Papi, I beg you.

*No, really. I met her several years ago, and when we conversed, she just about came up in height to my…ahem. What I mean to say is, not a lot of special effects would be needed to cast her in another installment of Dollman vs. Demonic Toys, ok?