’re just 11 days from the US release of Hot Fuzz, and I bet you’re excited. You damn well should be – the film is an instant classic (I’ll be seeing it for a THIRD time tomorrow). There’s a new clip up at the official Hot Fuzz street team site; you’ll need to join the team, but it’s quick and painless and totally worth it to see Simon Pegg as Nicholas Angel showing off his skill with a rifle at a fair shooting gallery. And for those of you who have seen the movie already at one of the Q&A sessions that director Edgar Wright, Pegg and co-star Nick Frost have been doing around America, it’s a beautiful example of a scene that means more when you see it a second time: [swipe to read mild spoilers] The whole line about ‘take down all the little people and waltz off with the fuzzy monkey’ foreshadows the whole conclusion.

Click here to go to the Hot Fuzz street team site. In the days to come before release, look for reviews from Russ and Jeremy, a podcast featuring the Hot Fuzz fellas, and my interview with the trio. And while you’re waiting for those, click here to read my early rave of the film.