WEEKLY #929

Sure, their film reviews are hated by geeks. Yes, they follow trends incessantly. And yes, music coverage is generally an afterthought. But it’s surely the most fun weekly read out there, and they have television on lock. Plus, they’ll surprise with every now and then with a great piece on overlooked entertainment industry plebs like personal assistants and bodyguards. When it’s on, it’s an incredible value. When it’s not…wait a week.

This issue’s strong points:

  • Love the substantial and timely article on Tina Fey and 30 Rock that comes as the show is hitting its stride perfectly and needs the coverage the most. This is what EW is for, though I fear a repeat of the Arrested Development debacle where EW pimped it to death, readers got sick of it, and it got canceled way too soon anyway.
  • Excellent cover story that puts the focus on David Chase rather than the actors, which I can’t help but applaud. Gandolfini really has had nothing more to say for a couple of years other than he’s through with the character and doesn’t want to return…unless they pay him the farfillion dollars or so per episode he asks for (which he’ll likely get if a movie ever happens). Also, good sidebar on the top fatalities of the show.
  • They give their best pop culture writer, Chris Nashawa….err, that guy, free reign (and more than a couple of pages) to explore 80s teen sex comedies and how they changed the industry. Excellent stuff, and it shows that the editors of this mag have an eye on things besides vapid reality shows or whatever else is "hot" this week. Plus, they actually put it on the cover instead of hiding it like last week’s Verhoeven article.

This issue’s weak points:

  • I understand why they’d cover Avril Lavigne, but her oversized ego compels me moreso than the Power of Christ to hate the lil’ bitch.
  • Another solid issue with filled out with tasty little bits upfront and surprisingly thoughtful reviews in the back. Last week’s bump in the road aside, this mag is stepping its game up, and I can only pray it continues to do so.
    Overall: 8.0 out of 10