In recent months for reasons of varying importance, my personal goals
have changed in regards to the projects I developing, and I’ve realized
that the more you can actually control in this business the better. As
a result, the myriad of screenplays on my hard drive collecting
cyberdust and the stuff in my lame head that needs out, I’m not waiting
for some 3-picture deal that’s never coming. Instead, I’m getting
professional artists and getting them done as comics. That way the
stories get told and what happens from there simply happens. It’s
certainly not the American Dream, but I think there’s some good stuff
to be shared and I’ll make whatever sacrifices I have to do it. As a
result, the whole Krakenheads thing is happening. Comic books are the
first wave, and this is the third one I’m sharing with you guys even
though a different title will hit stands before this one.

The first I shared was This Hollow World. Check it here.
The next I shared was Night Falls on Destiny. Check it here.

Day of the Devil.

one’s a lot closer to my true sensibilities when it comes to horror. Typically, people know me as a humor guy but when I do horror is when I really have fun. Between this and The Crawl, you should get an idea of what kind of sick asshole I am. Day of the Devil is a B&W and very mature reader oriented title that John Toledo is doing the art for and Simon O. Wright is lettering. I wish I could afford a colorist for this one, but then again maybe not. There’s something special about black and white when it comes to horror that reminds me of the short but lovely resurgence in the 80’s comic biz. The premise involves two storylines centered around one unwilling and one very willing subject in a quest to fulfill the untapped promise of Hell. Crazy stuff, and the less said the better. Here’s the five page introduction, involving the failure of a previous chosen one.

And now, five pages of Day of the Devil

Cover Concept

Page One

Page Two

Page Three

Page Four

Page Five