Anthony and Joe Russo. The directing duo behind You, Me and Dupree.

This according to The Hollywood Reporter, who go on to write that the brothers beat out Adjustment Bureau director Greg Nolfi and Be Cool helmer F. Gary Gray. Of those contenders, the Russos are definitely the least safe choice. In addition to the above-mentioned theatrical work they’re also executive producers on Community and Happy Endings, so it’s safe to say that their successes are rooted more in comedic television.

Whatever their take is on the material, it’s good enough to have gotten them in a room with Marvel. It’s certainly an odd choice for a studio that likes to take chances, but Marvel has enough goodwill after Avengers that they can afford a few risks.  Expect to hear more about story and cast in the coming weeks and months, as the untitled Captain America sequel gears up to meet its April 4, 2014 release date.