DernSo it’s been a while since we’ve heard rumblings on a Jurassic Park IV. Well check your cup, because the water’s rippling again. The movie that time forget then remembered then forgot and remembered is being teased once more thanks to a recent interview with Laura Dern (who’s been rumored to return in the fourth installment).

Appears Laura’s been getting some phone calls from the bearded one (not that bearded one- the one with glasses) about a return to dino-land.

"A certain fellow is the one that called me and it’s hard to say no to him cause he’s always got something totally genius up his sleeve so we’ll see what they have in mind. But I don’t know anything about it at this point."

Except when they want to shoot it, maybe…? "I think within the year. I think they want to release it in 2008."

The interview, however, is vague as to whether Laura has been in direct contact with Spielberg, since she refers to being "told they’re calling" her. Maybe the interview should have been with the agent. C’mon, Laura! Must you be so coy?

Nevertheless, the words are out there (interview is posted here). Whether they gain any more traction in the months leading up to 2008 (which is coming down faster than drunken first date underpants), only a privileged few know… and I’m sure as hell not one of them.

Winston was chomping at the bit back in ’05 and sounded like he’d be
ready to jump at birthing dinosaurs at a moments notice.
Does this put Joe Johnston anywhere near the sequel? Has the script been balanced to Spielberg’s satisfaction? Will it suck? A flurry of questions, but one stands out among the many- will we see more dino turd?