SinThere’s a few folks out there who couldn’t give a dump or four about the Grindhouse revival that opens wide today. It’s been perceived as a roadblock to Rodriguez’ true calling of making Frank Miller movies revolving around a sinful metropolis. To that whinery it must be said, keep your pants on. Sin City 2 is coming, and With all the Grindhouse talk, similar needling about a Sin City sequel has opened up an interesting item related to the prospects of the franchise. Leave it to Southern Gentleman of minimalist studio interviews, Charlie Rose, to dredge it up.

Super Hero News is reporting ol’ Robert Rodriguez tipped Chuck on some interesting postulation. Story goes that after Sin City 2 is wrapped up, the series is being discussed as a potential hand-off to television. Whether that’s one of the big "free" networks or cable outlets with the sackemscrode to air black and white boobies and violence remains unsaid.

What this potential move does with plans on a Sin City 3 is anybody’s guess at this point, but it sounds like things are taking certainly taking a different direction. And really, that direction is more promising. The series would probably find a better home for a longer run on television, as the six-shot sin city stories are obviously built for serial consumption anyway.

If everything is as said, (sorry, Charlie Rose interferes with my viewing of the bedtime show), expect to hear a lot more in the near term as Sin City 2 ramps up production in June.