Almost 10 years after the last Hopkins version of Hannibal Lecter graced the big screen (you can remember Hannibal Rising if you want, I found it to be a “meh” to ok film), we’re now getting a tv series that will have a younger Hannibal Lecter working with Will “It’s just you and me now, Sport.” Graham to track down a serial killer, in what will most likely be an arc that spans the entire 13 episodes.

We’ve got our Hannibal Lecter now, and it’s MADS MIKKELSEN.

Probably didn’t give 2 fucks about this show before I typed that, right? Maybe you still don’t, but if you’ve seen the first 2 Pusher films which are pretty good (I love the 3rd one the best), and his turn as the sub-boss in Casino Royale which evoked the villains of the Connery era Bond films, are more than enough good will to warrant at least a watch of the Pilot. I liked him quite a bit in the Clash Of The Titans remake as well, and he got the best line in that film: “Tell them men did this.”

I’m very glad that this show isn’t just being treated as another CSI type show. Well, at least thus far. I’m hoping it doesn’t turn into Hannibal Lecter putting on some aviator sunglasses every time he closes a case.

If the show goes past the initial 13 episodes, we can look forward to hints of Lecter’s imprisonment, and I hope the first season doesn’t end with the beginning of the Red Dragon film. Seeing Will Graham and Lecter track down serial killers is an interesting plot for the series, and with Dexter potentially finishing up its run next year, it’s a good time for another serial killer hunting show. Especially if it is of high quality.

source: Deadline