Only time will tell if there’s a decent script or any real point to this grand mash-up of IPs, but Wreck-It Ralph and its Roger-Rabbit-For-Video-Games world sounds like a blast in at least a “spot the character” sort of way. Below we have our first image, which I picked up at AICN, and already we can see some Street Fighter folks, a Q*Bert (I think?), and the best joke of all- the prevalence of athletes and soldiers. Also, the cherry thing is just oh-so cute .


This does look like it’s going to package video game nostalgia in a much more accessible way than, say, Scott Pilgrim. Drop a few Pac-Man ghost jokes and some Dig Dug humor and you’ll have a generation of parents more than happy to bring their young ones to this, along with every generation that followed that will find their own characters to point at and shout, “oh look, it’s ______!”

Wreck-It Ralph hits theaters November 2nd, and stars John C. Reily, Jack McBrayer (Kenneth from 30 Rock), Jane Lynch, and Sarah Silverman.