#20 of The Chud Show is near, and we’re super excited as it features a
damn good (and substantial) segment with Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick
Frost AKA the coolest motherfunkers going these days. Although we do eventually
get around to talking Hot Fuzz, it’s a varied and zany
conversation that is quite the pleasure to listen to. So why am I teasing you
with this description instead of telling you it’s ready for download?

We want
more. More of you, that is. We’ve been slacking off on a promised feature of
the podcasts and that feature is Chewer Voicemails. We don’t just want the odd
segment of quirky audio from you guys to pad things out. That’s kid stuff. We
want you guys lobbing questions our way, and we ain’t picky. You want to find
out why Steve Murphy is such a nut for chiffon? Call us up and ask. You want to
know why Justin bathes in the blood of virgins? Call us up and ask. You want to
know what love is? Fuck you…and call us up and ask anyway. We want to devote a
good amount of time in #20 to responding to your input. And the way that you
make that happen is by calling us at 1-678-827-0940, where you have a 3
minute recording window to leave us a voicemail for the ages, and hopefully one
with a question or comment for us to devour.

The more you give us, the quicker we record, and the sooner we share the Frost/Pegg/Wright goodness. Hot women are standing by.*

*Somewhere, I’m sure.