There was a lot of naysaying when the first-person shooter reboot of XCOM was announced a while ago. Even though that game has been delayed and speculation persists that it’ll launch with the next wave of new consoles and given a graphical overhaul, we’re lucky enough to have Firaxis picking up the slack with their more traditional XCOM title.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is much more faithful to its predecessors in that the game is a strategy title with real-time elements, where the player is tasked in not only combating the enemy alien forces invading Earth, but also must decide what alien tech to salvage, how to train their troopers, and whether or not to take enemies alive in order to enhance XCOM’s understanding of alien biology. Plenty of options ensure that this will be a day one purchase for me, personally. I can’t wait. The nice folks at 2K and Firaxis were nice enough to send over a new trailer, along with the game’s boxart (I went with the 360 boxart, because I like the splash of green at the top).
Watch and enjoy!

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