Hearing that Woody Allen has cast Louis C.K. in his next film sounds so perfectly natural. Inevitable even. There’s something beautiful about the collision of these two comedic forces, especially with Louis C.K. at the height of his powers and often considered something of a contemporary Woody Allen. The two share a vulnerable since of humor that has its roots in sharp-wit being used in the service of very dumb choices in life and love. Again, this collaboration is announced and you somewhere feel a star shine brighter somewhere in the universe.

And then there’s Andrew Dice Clay.

A stand-up comedian and actor whose only real blip of relevance in the last 20 years was guesting on a popular podcast (where I have to imagine thousands of others joined me in learning who the hell he was fort he first time), it’s true that he was quite the hit with his gimmicky routine in the 80s. Grabbing headlines by going blue on MTV and being banned from the station, his attempts to move into movie stardom didn’t work out so hot, and he’s been relegated mostly to a Gene Simmons-lite career as a vaguely-creepy, aging pussy-hound. That said, he also seems to have spent the better part of the last two decades invested in his family, which is certainly a more noble pursuit than chasing reality TV show deals.

I’m not sure where and how Clay will fit into Allen’s untitled project, but he’ll be joining C.K., Alec Baldwin, Cate Blanchett, Michael Emerson, Peter Sarsgaard, Sally Hawkins, and Bobby Canavale for this summer’s shoot. This project is also notable for bringing Woody back to San Francisco as well as New York, having not returned to the former for many a decade.

So be excited for Louis’ turn in whatever Allen has cooked up, and be intrigued by Clay’s opportunity to do something interesting for a change. I really hope this is one of Allen’s good ones- too intriguing of a cast to waste.

Source | Variety