BookDamn that Ebay! There’s always some bastard who sells their stuff without letting on to the fact that there’s some spectral apparition attached to it. And let me tell you, there’s nothing worse than slipping into Grampa Witherby’s vintage suit only to discover his ghost is using your junk as a speedbag.

So goes the premise of Heart-shaped Box (sans the speedbag), as an eccentric rock ‘n’ roller (the kind that likes to collect weird stuff like mutant bones and murder weapons) buys a suit off the internet that’s said to contain a grumpy ghost. Jackass. Upon arrival, the ghost proceeds to make life miserable, while exposing the rocker’s jerky ways of rock’n’roll lifestyle past. The novel, written by son of Stephen (King, that is) Joe Hill, has been well-reviewed and was picked up by Warner Brothers based on nothing more than a few lines of apparently fantastic prose.

Enter Neil Jordan, master of the shocking (well, if you didn’t notice the Adam’s Apple) wiener reveal of The Crying Game. Warner Brothers has nabbed the Irish director to adapt and direct Heart Shaped Box, hopefully without any wieners.

As with most directorial announcements, there’s not casting or release details yet. Since the book was released in February and you just read the whole bit about being hired to adapt, you might have already guessed that.