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Last time we saw Master Chief, he was entering the cool embrace of cryo-sleep. Well something appears to have woken him up, and that something might be a giant orb from the movie Tron.  I’ve included some observations below the video:

  • I like Cortana’s new look as well as her integration into the new HUD. She’s fast becoming the sexiest AI since C-3PO.
  • The lush, jungle environment is a vast improvement from the one that opened Halo 3. The framerate, lighting and textures are all absolutely gorgeous, as this appears to be the most robust visual upgrade the series has had to date.
  • Covenant enemies look to have undergone little change visually. But take a close look at their movements and interactions with eachother at 1:54 – very cool indeed.
  • The new enemies seem to be a cross between the gooiness of The Flood and the design eccentricities of Tron.
  • That big bad at 3:03 is giving off a serious General Grievous vibe.
  • The footage at the very end definitely promises a new era for Halo, as the tone already feels slightly different from Bungie’s output.  Should be interesting to see what 343 Industries has in store.