Girl Grabber.Players are for the birds. Or so stands the basic contention behind the popular book He’s Just Not That Into You. Pffffft.

Inspired by a man-behavior deconstruction episode of Sex and the City, He’s Just attempts to explain that fellas love the chase, but won’t commit unless the woman is what they really want. Which is pure semantics, because I really wanted to date (and by date, I mean make out with) about every pretty girl I ever ran into. Personal habits aside, the message is to avoid guys like I was and not cling to that which was never meant to be. If the dude’s just not that into you, move on and stop wasting your time with that chump, sister! Just make out with him first, ok?

He’s Just was featured on Oprah, which all but gaurantees a zillion copies sold and a check in the pocket for rights to make the film. True to trend, New Line swooped in and has now added Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (and several very funny The Office episodes) director Ken Kwapis to get the story set up on the big screen. Kwapis will be working with a producing Drew Barrymore in executing the Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein adaptation of Sex and the City consultant/writer duo Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo’s book. As if he needs any help- look at that playah!

Since all that dating advice has to be put into some semblance of storyline, why not fall back to the tried and true "all guy" guy advice columnist who meets his match when a woman comes to him for advice. Ok, you got it.

He’s Just Not That Into You has not yet announced a cast or release date. Feign disappointment.