I unfortunately haven’t seen The Grey yet.  I have, however, caught Joe Carnahan’s other work and enjoyed it to varying degrees.  I love both Narc and The A-Team*.  Smokin’ Aces is a mixed bag, but a mostly enjoyable one.  Long story short, whatever Carnahan is working on interests me.

We previously reported that Carnahan is developing a remake of Death Wish.  That project is still very much happening and still likely to be his next effort, but it hasn’t stopped him from shopping around other projects.  Fox has just scooped up an original script by the man called Continue.  Described as a action flick take on Groundhog Day, the tale “follows a former soldier forced to re-live the same day over and over while on the run from assassins trying to kill him for reasons unknown“.

That sounds vaguely like Doug Liman’s pending Tom Cruise-starrer All You Need Is Kill, albeit without the aliens and hard science-fiction trappings.  That’s fine by me, but hopefully Joe Schmoe audience member won’t be thinking the same thing if this hits after the Cruise film.  The title also conjures video games for me, but who knows whether or not that is actually a factor here.

The more intriguing news to me here is that Carnahan plans to cast Frank Grillo (Warrior, The Grey) in the lead.  I’ve always liked Frank so it’s nice to see him moving up in the world.  There doesn’t seem to be any sort of timeline in place as to when Continue would get made, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if this one ends up getting shot before Death Wish.  The latter seems to hinge mostly on who they end up casting as Paul Kersey and their availability.  Russell Crowe was the last name linked the part.  The intention is to shoot sometime this year, but we all know that doesn’t mean squat.  It’s nice to see that Carnahan already has a contingency project in place though,

Source |  Twitchfilm

* – The extended cut.  I caught it on Blu-ray, so I didn’t get stuck watching the theatrical version, which seems a good bit lighter on character from what I’ve read.  It’s not a perfect film by any stretch, but it is still a ton of fun.

** – Grillo will also appear in Death Wish, supposedly as Paul Kersey’s brother, who might be participating alongside the vigilante in his vengeful quest.