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I like how the composition of this picture — with the disassembled suit pieces in the foreground — looks like Tony’s gotten pissed at his suits, taken a screwdriver to one of them, and is warning the others that they’re next…

This is of course our first glimpse at Iron Man 3, which is now rolling with Shane Black behind the camera and overseeing the first post-Avengers Marvel film. It looks… like an Iron Man set! Expect a ton of this kind of stuff- Marvel has a massive wave of public awareness to leverage, which demands that they fill that widened pipe of attention with stuff and stuff and stuff.

With Shane Black behind the camera (and the script to some degree), I’m really hoping for the first un-compromised Iron Man film- one not entirely depending on Downey’s grade-A mugging and fast talk. Granted, Black’s involvement really only promises the best fast talking of the franchise, but I’m hoping his creativity extends to the action and scope of the picture as well. It’s too soon to tell, but it’s what keeps my fingers crossed at night!

Source | Marvel