Anchor Bay giveaway

Thanks to an alignment of the stars, I have in my possession a set of the Anchor Bay featured DVD releases for the month of March, which we featured here and our lovely advertisement sidebar. One lucky Chewer will get all four discs, courtesy of Anchor Bay and your friends and enemies at CHUD.

The discs include: Re-Animator (in a slightly-battered box, with hypodermic highlighter intact,) Pro-Life (become convinced you could write better than Moriarty,) Death Row, and Tokko – Volume 1.

Real simple contest of wills here, folks: all you have to do to enter is send me an e-mail at with "ANCHOR BAY" in the subject line. In the body, I want you to tell me what upcoming Anchor Bay DVD release excites you the most, and why. It’s so easy, even I could do it. Which would probably save me on postage, now that I think of it.

I’ll pick a winner sometime around the middle of April, and notify him or her by e-mail. Shortly after that, you’ll receive a discreetly-wrapped package in the mail.