Bourne skewedToday marks the arrival of the first real Ocean’s Thirteen trailer. It’s similar in tone and format to the teaser everyone’s seen, but it gives more background as to what the caper is this time and why they’re getting together again under even riskier circumstances to make it happen.

There’s a neat visual flourish or two, some odd prosthetics, a smidgen more Ellen Barkin, and most surprisingly, an expanded role for the Chinese acrobat fella this time around. All good things, as far as I’m concerned. I know I stand with the proud few when I defend my love for Ocean’s Twelve, but so be it. It’s such a carefree, playful, and gorgeous film that I never get tired of looking at it. And all of those quantities seem to be plentiful this time around, too.

This baby hits theaters June 8, but you can shorten the wait by checking out the new trailer in your choice of crystal clear HD formats 
right here.