Larry. Chuck. Not Gay.Speaking of messing with Chuck and Larry (as Devin did here just yesterday), the trailer has arrived with intention of adding proof to the critical pudding. And it does. Kind of.

It’s got Rob Schneider offensively portraying some ethnicity under gobs of crappy make-up and feels like another attempt at polished (yet baseline unfunny) Sandler humor.

And yet… I’m going to lose some cred around here when I say I laughed. I don’t know if that’s low brow frat boy (without the frat) bubbling back up after years of therapeutic meditation and art house film watching to erase the fact I thought Happy Gilmore was comedic genius 10 years ago, but I did. It could be in spite of the trailer playing out tired Sandler jokiness and dumb plays on the husband/wife (or in this case, husband) dynamic, but damned if I didn’t chuckle when Kevin James slaps Sandler’s ass.

And so, I like Kevin James. I like the buddy buddy repertoire between the two (if it can be called buddy- Sandler is constantly an ass to his pal throughout the trailer). I like Ms. Biel. I like comedy. I like Phish Food ice cream…but I still can’t shake the underlying tone of more Click faux-sincerity ladled on top of a movie about stupid, worn jokes. We’ll see, but at least the trailer doesn’t have Sandler farting in someone’s face.

Check out the trailer for yourself RIGHT HERE.