Today’s top story, by virtue of it being the one I’m writing about first, regards a question that has been nibbling at the back of all our minds since the first PS3 prototype went on display. Why was the Spider-Man movie font selected for the PS3’s logo and branding? Sony design chief Teiyo Goto has finally put our questions to rest in a brief interview with Computer and Video Games. The short and the sweet: "It was also the wish of President Kutaragi, who insisted that I use this typography. In fact, the logo was one of the first elements he decided on and the logo may have been the motivating force behind the shape of PS3." Oh, Ken, you card.

Strategy RPG enthusiasts now have another reason to resist buying a PSP. Nippon Ichi’s cult favorite Disgaea will see a North American release on the handheld this August, according to IGN. This won’t be a straight port of the PS2 game, though; all kinds of bonuses have been shoehorned into the UMD, including a multiplayer duel mode, new gameplay effects, a deeper customization system, and a rumor of map creation tools. It’s too bad that out of the SRPGs released or soon-to-be released on the PSP, only the ports seem to score decently. Jeanne d’Arc (also coming to NA this year) hasn’t gotten very good reviews, and then there was Generations of Chaos

The trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV hit the Xbox Live Marketplace last night while I was playing Castlevania. The tease shows us a lot of game engine improvements, as well as [a/the] setting, and introduces us to a Russian character that I will be unable to resist naming "Jean," because Mr. Reno is twice as awesome. This teaser is just the first car on a hype train, but you can already check out an analysis from our friends at 1up.

If the crossplay between PC and Xbox 360 on the upcoming Shadowrun title works well, the next game to take advantage of the method may well be Half-Life 2. Slashdot has compiled some comments coming out of Valve regarding their comfort level in dealing with Live compared to their own Steam service, and, beyond that, with the terrifying depths of the unknown represented by the PS3’s online service. I’m pretty well comfortable with playing an FPS on a console, but now I’m beyond curious to see how the Shadowrun cross-platform multiplayer works, because I just can’t imagine it working with the established pace of a Half-Life deathmatch.

GameVideos has a short assemblage of intro clips from Super Paper Mario, which introduces just a smidgen of the story, a potential new gameplay mechanic, and a villain who, with a green monocle instead of a blue, would look like Spider Jerusalem in a top hat.

I’ve got to wonder about my gaming constitution at times like this. Between Castlevania on the XBLA, the Shivering Isles expansion for Oblivion, and Puzzle Quest, my entertainment time is well-filled. I think maybe I need to approve my stamina. My wife agrees.