Yesterday it was reported that Eric Savin (James Badge Dale) would not be portraying his comic role of Coldblood, but instead taking on the mantle of Iron Patriot.  It also seems that Kingsley is all but confirmed as playing The Mandarin, which is a big relief for me considering my previous conjecture*.  So we’ve got three villains now, right?  Mandarin, Iron Patriot, and Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce).  Wrong.  Make that four.

Ashley Hamilton was recently cast as Jack Taggert (aka Firepower), another armored supervillain.  Yep, looks like Savin has back-up.  It has also been officially confirmed that Jon Favreau will be returning to the role of Happy Hogan.  See, no bad blood!  Also joining the cast is William Sadler in a currently undisclosed role.

Things are still a little shaky on the female lead front, as the role of Dr. Maya Hansen has yet to be officially cast.  Jessica Chastain was attached at one point, but had to drop out due to a schedule conflict.  It looks like Rebecca Hall is the latest to get the nod and is currently in talks.

Guess what though?  None of this is the most interesting bit o’ news.  What is, pray tell?  The fact that Marvel & Co. have apparently tossed an additional $60 million at the budget.  That brings the end total to at least $200 million**, which honestly isn’t too far off of the budget for The Avengers.  Assuming Marvel hasn’t lied about previous budgets***, this will make Iron Man 3 the most expensive “solo” superhero film to come out of Marvel Studios to date.  Personally, I’m not surprised.  After all, this IS their flagship character for their “movieverse”.

Let’s do a head count!

  • All the core cast returning.
  • A handful of new allies and lower-tier villains.
  • A globe-trotting “Clancy-esque” adventure.
  • An evil mastermind of an archvillain pulling the strings.
  • A budget big enough to handle all of this.

But we have a “superhero trilogy” curse!?!?!


And many of you were worried Iron Man 3 would look “puny” in the wake of The Avengers.  True believers, my ass!  Marvel is going to do the best they can to make sure that the next few films live up to the accolades they have received recently and for the time being at least, in Kevin Feige I trust.

Oh, by the way, Feige has already confirmed that Thanos is being saved for The Avengers 2.  That’s right, he is NOT being used as the villain in Thor 2 and likely won’t be making any appearances in the next batch of solo films.  Sorry to burst your bubble, but deep down you all knew it was true.


Source | Screen Rant, Latino Review, Cinema Blend

* – Now let’s just see if my other guess…that Andy Lau will be playing Chen Lu (aka Radioactive Man)…pans out!  Given the other random Marvel characters being tossed in to this, I see no reason why he couldn’t be.

** – It’s unknown at this time whether said $200 million includes the Chinese money being thrown at the production.  I’m guessing it doesn’t, but only time will tell.

*** – Teehee!