Well, this is unexpected. The movie blogosphere is all aflutter with Super Hero Hype’s news that the Iron Patriot appears in Shane Black’s Iron Man 3. From an adaptation standpoint, that’s an odd choice.

In the comics, Norman Osborne is the Iron Patriot.

I’m not intimating that a popular Spider-man villain appears in Iron Man 3, just that I’m interested to see how this plays out. That’s James Badge Dale in the armor by the way. Dale plays Eric Savin, otherwise known as Coldblood in the comics. I’m guessing that they’re keeping Coldblood’s origin (Lieutenant Colonel in the Army) and simply applying it to the Iron Patriot, a role Osborne inhabited when he assumed control of S.H.I.E.L.D. and led the Dark Avengers.

This news comes as Latino Review reports that Ben Kingsley’s (who’s not Asian) character is most definitely The Madarin (who is), Iron Man’s primary villain. So it’ll be Guy Pearce as main villain Aldrich Killian (the inventor of Extremis), Kingsley’s Mandarin pulling strings in the background, and the Iron Patriot most likely serving as Iron Man’s physical heavy.

These are intriguing, exhausting developments.

Image Source: What Would Tyler Durden Do