Bourne skewedThe coming of The Bourne Ultimatum has felt like it’s being patterned after the maneuvering of its title character. The movie has been lingering in the periphery with casting news here, a poster there and a couple non-descript official images. You know it’s out there, but the question’s been when we’ll see anything substantial on it. Stop your waiting and put up your dukes as a beefy Bourne international market trailer has finally been spotted in the UK. Thanks to keen-eyed Chewer Claire, we’ve got word the new Bourne Ultimatum trailer (worldwide version ala Yahoo! Movie UK) has sprung from the shadows and is kicking ass.

If you didn’t know, The Bourne Ultimatum follows Jason as he snaps out of "guy on the run" mode and into "guy with a vengeful purpose" mode as set up in The Bourne Supremecy. The trailer hosts lots of the good stuff we’ve come to love- quick Philipino fighting moves, vehicular mayhem and Joan Allan coolly panicking.

The Greengrass-directed return of Bourne hits US theaters on August third, but you can view the international trailer right here.