Hilton has scored the first photos of Johnny Depp in his Sweeney Todd costume (I guess all of those delayed production rumors last week were bull. I can’t believe the British tabloids let us down. Now the only things I can have faith in any more are the Executive Branch and Matthew McConaughey’s heterosexuality). The bizarrely famous blogger thinks Depp looks like Edward Scissorhands all grown up (maybe because it’s the same guy, Mario), but I think Depp looks more like Elsa Lanchester with her hair down.

Coming Soon has learned that the movie, an adaptation of Stephen Sondheim’s musical about a butchering barber, now has a December 21st release date, making it prime Oscar bait. Could this be the one that wins Mr. Depp the statue that the Academy has really wanted to give him for the last few years? I hope they’re not waiting to award him for the 21 Jump Street movie – word is that Dustin Nguyen is being really difficult in negotiations and everyone is adamant that they can’t make a Jump Street film with just Hanson and not Ioki. Meanwhile, the producers plan on bringing back Peter DeLuise for the movie with CGI magic, despite his agent’s continued protestations that the actor is not yet dead.