I’ve long called Megan Ellison a true Angel investor, not because she dumps tons of cash into fledgling projects, but because she consistently drops tons of her cash into the right fledgling projects. By virtue of her resources being applied with good taste, we’ve enjoyed and will continue to enjoy projects from directors like The Coen Bros, Paul Thomas Anderson, and Charlie Kaufman among others.

But for every angel, there’s a devil.

In this case a billionaire online TV network owner apparently took seriously some “we should totally do this!” riffing between nightmares Andy Dick and Pauly Shore on the former’s online talk show, and he has agreed to back a sequel to In The Army Now (a $29m grossing 1994 comedy I’d never heard of before this moment) if the two cough up a script and agree to star.

Now there’s a two-paragraph press release from the camp of Alki David suggesting the project is an actual thing, even though it’s clearly not. It definitely is a means by which David has gotten his internet TV network linked all over the place (I think I’ll abstain until somebody writes an actual check), so a savvy move on his part. Supposedly the two comedians are churning out a script, but I’ll believe it when I’m seeing it.

I must admit to being bummed: I was hoping that this story wasn’t so much as a glorified link-bait prank and more an example of a crazy fan of shitty 90s comedies getting his hand on a couple billion and making a movie right after he bought his Lamborghini. That at least may have left us with a fun documentary or something.

I think we’d all like to think we’d be the next Megan Ellison, but after greenlighting all those best picture winners, surely you’d secretly want to make a sequel to some film only you love. Let your bad taste fly in the comments and let me know what esoteric sequel you’d make. Me? I’m thinking Six-String Samurai.

via Movieline