Ooops.Greg Kinnear’s had a pretty solid run at the movies since his he was yakking it up against a backdrop of floating spoons on E!’s Talk Soup back in the day. I only mention that because it’s hard to remember the guy having done anything but acting in decently-picked projects (I’m ignoring you, Bad News Bears, Stuck on You and Godsend– just walk away). I’m not sure if it’s luck, a good agent or what, but it’s done a great job of keeping several cars in the garage and a house by the shore. I don’t know if you can chalk his next, Ghost Town, to a decent pick just yet, but with UK Office creator Ricky Gervais costarring, things on paper are looking good.

Ghost Town is written by David Koepp, who recently wrapped up scribing a little project people are calling Indiana Jones 4. Whether it’s been molded into something that stinks up the place and gets flushed down the toilet by the thick-necked bearded one remains to be seen, but I can think of worse projects to attach to than something written by that Koepp (I’m feeling very excuse-ey today, so don’t count Snake Eyes against me). Still, any past radicalness isn’t indicative of a good next, so the project doesn’t get a pass just yet. Well, according to Dreamworks it has, but they didn’t ask me, so the jury is still out.

Ghost Town has been sitting around for two years since it was snatched up on pitch and purchased for what I could live comfortably on for the rest of my life ($2 million) by Dreamworks studios. Apparently, they really like comedies about dentists who die and come back with special powers to help the dead contact the living. I thought that was called washed up phone sex operator, but maybe I’m off.

Ghost Town (not to be confused with the 2006 Ghost Town or 2007 Ghost Town) starts filming in October.