different would Sin City have been if Clive Owen had shoved Johnny Depp’s face into that toilet? The actor wanted the part of Jackie Boy in the first film, but his commitment to the utter piece of shit The Libertine kept him from taking the role. But Robert Rodriguez tells MTV News that America’s favorite pirate may yet make a visit to Basin City.

The role would be Wallace, the lead in To Hell And Back, the longest Sin City story yet. The only thing I’m not sure of is when this would be in a movie – would it be a part of Sin City 2, which already has a pretty lengthy storyline, A Dame to Kill For, at its heart, or would it be in Sin City 3, the rarely-talked conclusion to a possible trilogy? And would the two films shoot back to back this summer? Sin City 2 is almost certainly happening during 2007’s summer months, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Rodriguez just did 3 as well while he was at it, as it’s a story that involved a character or two who will be in Sin City 2. Of course all of these questions could have been answered and I just haven’t been paying enough attention.

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