Spring Break disc
How would you like to be the proud owner of some lowbrow comedy? I can see you now (you’re not that bad looking,) sprawled on your couch, a beer in one hand, and something indistinguishible in the other — oh god. This was a bad idea.

We have five (5) (fünf) copes of National Lampoon’s Spring Break to distribute to those of you who are fully-clothed. In an effort to divest you of those clothes, each disc is signed by the one and only Nikki Ziering, who stars in the flick and also has fine penmanship.

To enter, send me (iandonnell@gmail.com) an e-mail with "SPRING BREAK" in the subject line, and your worst spring break experience in the body. I’ll select the five most pitiful souls on April 2nd, and get their shipping information then. Make me cry, make me laugh, make me wish I could blow off my day job for even a week of sitting alone in front of the TV! Most importantly, do so now.