Having watched Leon recently to re-acquaint myself before it was blessed with a spot on the CHUD Essentials list, I felt like one of the very few missed opportunities in the story was that the subplot about Leon “training” Mathilda pretty much had to be cut short in order to get her back in immediate danger and to keep the plot rolling. And while I didn’t necessarily want to see Portman do that rumored sequel where she would go on in adult life to follow in the fatality-facilitating steps of her mentor, I do wonder how cool it would’ve been to see a young assassin like that on their formative missions finding their way in the world.

It appears I won’t have to have to imagine much longer. Focus Features is gearing up for Hanna, a film that would follow a 14-year old girl who’s been raised as a killer by her father and now faces the challenge of attempting to reclaim her young lady years in an attempt at normalcy. Although it might seem from that description that this would comparatively be light on lives ending, remember that Leon put characterization far out in front with the film merely bookended by two great action scenes and a few bits of soul-rendering in betwixt.

While Focus will release the film, it’s to be produced by Adelstein Productions, the people who brought you last Christmas’ remake of Black Christmas. They’ve got an interesting slate coming up with this, a remake of Oliver Hirschbiegel’s Das Experiment, and Billy Ray’s (Breach, Shattered Glass) next film, the post-Katrina football drama, Hurricane Season.