BernsenCorbin Bernsen. Man of baldness. Man of the TV guest star. Man of the bit part in way too many terrible Sci-Fi movies. Funny what happens when your LA Law star fades. Still, Corbin isn’t giving up on the business that gave up on him (which it really didn’t- the guy is more TV prolific than than Krista Allen’s cleavage) and is taking a cue from all the backyard budget movies he’s starred in over the last decade.

Bernsen recently founded Public Media Works (one of the most generic biz names I’ve ever heard in my life- why not name it General Movie Studio or One Guy and A Camera), a niche-based entertainment dev company that produces films targeted at genre fan bases. His first film, which he directed, targeted the soap crowd while his second directorial stab, Donna on Demand, targets the bedroom-dwelling incest crowd. Now Bernsen is taking sight on this very website and hoping to cash in on the movie-watching habits of its honored denizens.

Variety is reporting Bernsen is setting up a zombie treatment called Dead Air. When an explosion contaminates LA and looses a bunch of zombies on the streets of SoCal, a radio show moves to warn its listeners about the ankle-biting onslought. Sounds immediately like The Fog, except no lighthouse. Or Oregon. Or stinky fish smell.

Donna on Demand, which, to be fair, is being billed as a thriller and will release (direct, anyone?) in September, giving you the litmus test on how to judge future Corbin efforts. Dead Air begins shooting next month, stars Bill Moseley and, if my hunch is correct, will debut on the Sci-Fi channel the following week.