In this day and age, where high quality Blu-ray is held in high regard, and some are already signalling “The Death Of Dvd”, the MOD or Manufactured On Demand has become very popular with using Dvd-R’s (I’m assuming Blu-ray-R’s would be way too expensive) and companies like Warner Archive and The MGM Limited Edition Collection have been putting out movies as made to order.

Now according to Russ Fischer, Amazon has created a “Never Before On Dvd” store.

This means that these companies want to get their product out there, but they know that there isn’t a big enough demand for a 2,000+ major pressing release. That’s where this MOD comes in handy. Sure they’re selling these damn things for the price of a regular movie, and I certainly don’t agree with that, but this is your chance to own something like The Legend Of Billie Jean or the original Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark. This store will really help out people who would rather not wade through an endless search on the actual websites for Warner Archive, and MGM’s Limited Collection, as well as be a go to place for people wanting to see what is there from both companies.

There will probably eventually be a time when you can get these for a cheaper price, but at this point, if you’ve been waiting for something, and they have 1,553 movies as of now, then you’ll pay the price for it. I myself spent some money to finally own Dolph Lundgren’s I Come In Peace/Dark Angel some time ago. I say some money, because I used quite a few of the “Amazon Points” that I accrued from using my Amazon credit card, and if that makes you feel better, rather than spend near 20 bucks on a dvd-r with snappy cover art, then by all means do it. At least you’ll have a legit copy of a film, rather than get it illegally, and that’s something you shouldn’t do. Especially if you love this film, AND it’s being offered by one of these On Demand services.

I really like that Amazon has created this store. Pretty sure there will be more films that will be released, and I will continue to wait until MGM finally releases GORP.

Please release this MGM. PLEASE.

link to the Amazon store: Amazon MOD Store

source: /film