OlmosWith all his recent identification with Battlestar Galactica, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that while Edward James Olmos has been an accomplished actor, he’s also ably handled the identity of producer/director/activist. His contributions to Battlestar Galactica will no doubt continue (thanks to the full 4th season pickup by Sci-Fi), but Olmos isn’t content to let that settle as his M.O.

Through his Olmos Productions company, the good Admiral is lining things up to direct The Crystal Frontier. Based on a novel written by contemporary Mexican author Carlos Fuentes, Crystal gives a Babel-like tale of the US/Mexican border relationship and its effect on various facets of society. The book has been lukewarmly reviewed, the positives coming mostly from the stories on the Mexican side, while generally, most reviews fault the awkward storytelling, overgeneralizations of the US and more purple prose than you can shake a Christopher Paolini at.

Olmos plans on starring in the film and is aiming for a release in spring 2008. There’s no word on additional casting or distribution, but Olmos plans to announce the project at the Guadalajara Film Festival this week.