Hunged!Spy stories are a Hollywood staple- and why not? The profession is filled with crazy stories, mystery and speculation that allows for all kinds of murderous, action-ous and diabolical-ous plotting. What hasn’t been seen a lot in contemporary big screen spying are stories about how the sneaks rolled in the old, old school.

Enter the biography of Nathan Hale, which Warner Brothers has picked up from the unplublished For the Sake of Liberty: America’s First Spy. I say, "Hurry up, please."

Hale, often described as atypically good lookin’ and charming, was caught on 1776 Manhattan sussing out British troop movements disguised as a flying Dutchman. He was immediately sentenced to execution and hung after allegedly proclaiming, "I only regret that I have one life to give for my country".

In the mean time, there’s plenty of story and new detail to be told about how Hale got to that point and the book is expounding on it all– Especially the well gaurded secret of Nathan Hale’s missile shooting Aston Martin and rubber mask technology.

For the Sake of Liberty is set to publish this fall, upon which I’ll be picking up a copy.