Steph-anIt’s been a quiet few years (ok, 2) since we’ve felt the comforting touch of one Steven Spielberg. Sure, he’s been around making appearances, producing and talking upcoming projects all that easy stuff, but after the bum-rush that was 2004/2005, it feels like a long ol’ time since the most prolific of the Brigade of Beards has man-handled the director’s chair. 2008/2009 will mark a return to the churn with Lincoln and Indiana Jones revving up, so why not add another to the list?

Way back when I was a little fella only dreaming of writing for CHUD, Devin posted a piece (freshen up and read it here) on Spielberg’s involvement in a project called Interstellar. The project is now out of Cal-Tech physicist Kip S. Thorne advisory status and is being written by brother of Chris (Nolan), Jonah. The storyline is being generalized as a space adventure centered on the theory of wormholes and their ability to take you to desert planets infested with hairy prosthetic wildabeasts and guys who starred in The Crying Game. Or something like that.

With the project still being kept under wraps, it’s hard to say if the story is leaning more toward hard sci-fi or not, but it sounds like a fun premise with its theoretical roots planted firmly in the terra firma of real-life science. Of course, that’s just me speculating.

With at least two films receving the Spielberg treatment preceding Interstellar, (Jonah) Nolan has a while to pore over notes and theories that even looking at would make normal heads explode. He’ll begin the fun when he completes the script for Warner Brothers The Chicago Fire. Nolan’s previous work includes underappreciated The Prestige and the hopefully un-overrated The Dark Knight.