Long haired.I’ve got to be honest. I don’t know much about 60s rock psychedelia. I also stole Dark Crystal trading cards from the local 7-11 when I was in fourth grade. But back to that whole 60s rock thing…

Palm Pictures, (distributors of the "Oh, dude- that Gosling kid is legit!" epiphany The Believer and 13 Tzameti) has picked up the rights to hand out You’re Gonna Miss Me to theaters across the land of US/Canada. I know the documentary has been kicking around for a couple years through the film festival circuit and has won some awards (including an Independent Spirit nom), but I’d be lying if I could speak intelligently on who Roky Erickson and The 13th Floor Elevators are. Wikipedia tells me to tell you that the name of the film is from the bands only song to register on the charts, despite the band itself being revered and an LSD hit away from luring Janis Joplin into its fold.

Roky’s still alive and jamming today (in not-so-counterculture khakis and beach shirts) while I feel somewhat remiss about not knowing the guys rich history and contribution to popular music by way of the psychedlic underground.

In what seemingly is becoming a frequently tested distribution move, Palm and Netflix have worked out a deal in which You’re Gonna Miss Me will hit theaters, with DVD and Netflix subscribers being hit shortly thereafter.

You’re Gonna Miss Me is scheduled for a summer release in what’s sure to be a limited theatrical run. In the mean time, feel free to scold/educate me for my ignorance on Mr. Erickson when you visit the boards.