Tom Hiddleston’s Loki has certainly blossomed from a decent (if uninspired) villain in Thor, to a truly compelling antagonist in The Avengers- a film in which he is really only a facilitator of the evil plot. All that said, once we reach Thor 2 it will definitely be time for a little fresh blood in the Asgardian Department of Mischief And Evil Shenanigans, which will apparently be provided by Mr. Mads Mikkelson once they being shooting in the fall for their Nov. 15th, 2013 release.

A Dane, Mikkelson is no stranger to villainy, having most memorably played a recognizable, chip-flipping baddie in Casino Royale- remember, the guy with the eye-bleeding problem? So whether he’s actually aligned with Loki or not, Le Chiffre himself will somehow, someway make Thor’s day a little shittier. Beyond that, we know nothing of the role or really the movie, except that Loki will still play a large part in the story, and that Kevin Feige has mentioned the script fully acknowledging the fleeting nature of that previous film’s romance.

I still feel like, aside from Iron Man and obviously, Thor puts forth some of the most fun elements of all the solo pre-Avengers flicks, but like almost all of them is saddled with a dueling narrative with a seriously weak half. If they can manage to make their Earth-based shit less shitty this time around, I’ll be looking very much forward to this follow-up. You?


Source | Variety (via TotalFilm)