Pinked LightningBack in January, we posted a story about the upcoming Gatchaman (known by most people here in the states as G-Force) and how it’s being tackled by Imagi studio and the crew that’s bringing you the CG Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (opening wide tomorrow).

Things seem to be moving positively and steadily forward, as Imagi’s home page has posted pre-production artwork involving all kinds of space ship chaos and pink lightning blasted fury. In what looks to be Ken/Mark/Ace* avoiding electro-castration in the distance, fans of the show will see director Kevin Munroe is keeping pretty true to the original 70’s cheese-ariffic costume designs.

Does that mean plenty of tutti-fruiti lip-gloss for androgynous villain Lord Zortek/Sosai X/Cumputor? Underpanty shots galore for Kelly/Jun? As mentioned in our previous update, the movie is shooting for that PG-13 or R, after all…

Check out a total of 8 more (larger) images of Science Ninjas, their enemies and the Mecha violence they all enjoy by clicking here.

*Gatchaman went out to so many markets and through so many dubs/name variants, character names all depend on which version you grew up with.