couple of weeks ago we asked you to submit your questions for Children of Men director/professional genius Alfonso Cuarón, which he would answer in a videotaped interview. With Children of Men hitting DVD on Tuesday (pre-order it right now, goddammit!), we got those answers back – and here they are.

In the PD James novel, it’s men who are infertile. In the movie, it’s women. Is it just coincidence that each of you blames the opposite sex?
- Luke

Alfonso’s response in Quicktime!

Throughout the film you show us that Theo seems to have a strange connection with animals. Many people have their own thoughts on why this is – what’s yours?
- CT

Alfonso’s response in Quicktime!

Alfonzo, my name is Santiago and im from Argentina and the vision of the future that you show in Children of Men reminded me a lot of the Dictatorship government that we had in my country in the 70’s. So obviously this movie hit me very close to home. So my question is, Since you are Mexican, Is this vision of the future that you provide in the movie a vision much more closer to Latinoamerica, or was just your take on North America politics, or a vision of the state of the world in general?
- Santiago

Alfonso’s response in Quicktime!
And that one was so long they included the clip in its own file!

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