KobeI was never cool enough to adopt the "bra"* slang when it first hit a while back. And for good reason. In my world, bras contain the esteemed and wonderful mammary of the lady-types. Bro is what I call my brother and Survivor’s Rocky calls everyone else. In the mean time, I also missed out on the phenomenon that is the Australian surfer gang Bra Boys (thankfully spelled without the obligatory "z").

We’ll get a chance to catch up on the group when the Russell Crowe-narrated Bra Boys documentary comes around the US way (it opened last week in Australia), but in the mean time Crowe is following in the counter-culture- documentary-inspires-film footsteps of Dogtown and Z Boys/Lords of Dogtown with the studion version. The news here isn’t that Crowe is starring in the film- he’s directing it under the Imagine Entertainment banner.

Bra Boys, in Dogtown fashion, follows the creation of the Bra Boys gang (named after the crime/drug laden Maroubra suburb all members hail from). The gang has roots dating back to the 60s, but the action looks like it will take place a little closer to our day and age, since the Abberton brothers, credited with being the defacto leaders of the group, are roughly in their 30s. Having just survived a murder trial, the Abberton brothers (one of which – Kobe – is pictured above) are on top of their game as world-renowned surfers and getting their documentary distributed and optioned for a feature film.

Stuart Beattie, who is also writing Gears of War, will adapt the screenplay.

* I’ve been accused of a lot of kak-blocking when it comes to the pictures I choose for my stories that beg for pictures of hot ladies. Despite the fact this story has zero to do with the highlight of female form, I was thinking about those of you who jumped to this post hoping to see bra’d boobie, and placing a totally unrelated image for you so you couldn’t say I never gave you anything. But then, why ruin a perfectly good track record? Sorry.