There seems to be quite the split on Adam Green’s Hatchet films. I myself liked the first, but LOVED the second one, since it was full on shot to be a gory and fun slasher romp. Then there’s people who just flat out hate both films or hate Adam Green. That’s just terrible, as Spiral is a great moody thriller, and The Diary Of Anne Frankenstein is the highlight of Chillerama.

The second film basically ended the franchise, but that won’t stop Victor Crowley from returning in a third entry, and now we’ve got a cast list, along with a few plot points on the film.

Returning to the franchise is the lovely Danielle Harris, and she’s going to be joined by the awesome Derek Mears, Caroline Williams (Stretch from TCM Part 2, and The Legend Of Billie Jean), Diane Goldner (Feast, John Gulager’s wife), a gent named Jason Trost, and Sean “Aaron Burr” Whalen.

Apparently this entry has Danielle Harris trying to discover how to put an end to the voodoo curse that keeps Victor Crowley coming back. Derek Mears is playing a douchebag SWAT commander who is in charge of checking out the now corpse filled swamp, and Caroline Williams will play a journalist who seems to know quite about about the history of Victor Crowley.

I’m a fan of the second film, and even though Green is not directing (he’s handed off the reins to his cameraman, BJ McDonnell), he’s still got his hands all over this film, and it should be more over the top gory fun.

source: bloody-disgusting