I’m convinced Josh Trank may be the best thing to come out of the found-footage genre, as the Chronicle director has some great ideas in his head, and even exploited that genre in a one-off way I really appreciated. I wouldn’t say him signing on to direct a long-gestating video game adaptation is exactly “exciting” news, but it’s definitely intriguing, if only for the choice of property. Fumito Ueda’s Shadow of the Colossus is the target of this deal, and it will put Trank in the director’s chair and put him on the lookout for a new screenwriter to adapt it for him.

Trank is said to be involved with a number of comic book properties in Hollywood — a Fantastic Four reboot he won’t talk about, and a Venom spinoff that is even more hushed — but apparently he was the driving force behind this deal, so who knows where it will fall in his schedule.

I’ve always been a voyeur gamer more than an active participant in the culture, but I definitely enjoyed watching both Shadow of the Colossus (and its spiritual successor Ico), and love the artful way it subverts the adventure game experience while simultaneously providing a great one that is essentially 100% boss battles. The issue comes with trying to turn this idea into a functioning narrative, even if there’s a built-in misty aesthetic that will work well on screen. It’s a screenwriting task I don’t envy.

If Trank has an inspired idea of how to pull this off though, I’d MUCH rather see this gain traction than either of his superhero flicks. You?

Source | Deadline (via /Film)