I’m already always wary of pieces on small chunks of posters and images for a film that has already produced dozens, but I have to admit that these new Dark Knight Rises banners that just snuck out are pretty wicked, and that you’ll probably want to look deep into their high-resolution goodness. I’m glad WB is finally cracking the marketing tone for this thing- it’s reminding me of the marketing for Deathly Hallows, Part II, which I would consider a good thing.

All that said, there is still some WAY sloppy photoshop work on these images. Super wack-ass attention to focus (notice the entire Tumblr is perfectly sharp, while all the actually photographed dudes on the same plane are blurry and desaturated) and some very silly looking ammo casings flying off from the Batpod. It’s all nitpicking, but it’s the kind of stuff that actually sticks out if you see this thing printed and 20 feet wide, you know?

via Collider