Alan Rickman has long been attached to play Hilly Krystal — the man responsible for founding the NYC punk boiling pot club, CBGB — in a film that will now be directed by Randall Miller (Bottle Shock), and turns out he’ll be joined by another Hogwarts alumni, Rupert Grint.

While CBGB has been in development for some time, you’ll likely be hearing much more news from it as it gears up to shoot soon near my neck of the woods, in Savannah, GA. I happen to know they’re working closely with Meddin Studios, a relatively new studio built by a batch of badasses in a meat-packing facility. It’s a cool joint you should visit sometime.

Rupert Grint — who’s been taking his post-Potter casting moves kinda slow — has signed on to play Cheetah Chrome, leader of the (very briefly assembled) punk band Dead Boys who played a big part in the club’s early history, and continued on as music icon across many other bands and collaborations.

Now that the project is in active pre-production there are many a punk icon to cast, so I’d expect more notices about actors nabbing roles, brushing up on their stage screeching chops, and going all Bale-in-The Machinist to capture that herion chic style of the early 70s punk scene.

Source | Variety