’s nothing but an imaginary line separating the United States from Canada, yet most of us in the States only know Kim Poirier as the girl in the Dawn of the Dead remake who takes a chainsaw to the chest. But our Canuckian neighbors are more familiar with the lovely young lady, who hosts the Space Channel, which sounds an awful lot like what the Sci-Fi Channel should be (ie, no fucking wrestling). They also know her from the soap opera Paradise Falls, and if they have Canadian pride, they know her from the sexy science fiction/horror film Decoys.

Kim is back in Decoys: The Second Seduction, and this time she’s training a whole new batch of alien babes who are looking for hapless Earth men into whom they can stick their ovipositors. See, this is why I hate the dating scene so much.

I recently had a chance to get on the phone with Kim, who was in the middle of what turns out to be the kind of busy busy busy day she always has. This is one woman who isn’t about to kick back and rest on her current accomplishments – when we talked she was just gearing up to do her first musical, Pirates of Penzance.

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I live in New York City, so I have never seen the Space
Channel, but I have been told that you’re not just another pretty face
presenter, but that you actually have credentials as a genre fan.

Yes I do! I am the host of the Space Channel, and I do a
show here called HypaSpace. During the week we shoot two one and a half minute
segments that play in between the shows; it’s entertainment, but it’s
genre-related. On the weekends we do a half an hour show that plays Saturdays
and Sundays at 5:30. I do intros for Drive-In Classics, and I do a top ten for
a countdown show whether it be best heroes, chicks that kick – I just did one
today called ‘Some Strings Attached,’ about puppets. And I host the annual
awards show, The Spaceys.

That sounds like it must keep you incredibly busy.

It does, along with a musical I’m doing called Pirates of
Penzance. And I teach yoga, and I also audition for other work. Last year I
went to Edmonton to shoot Decoys 2 and I did some on-set hosting; they sent
down a Space crew to come out and have me do interviews, which was great,
because you get a real rapport with the cast. And I was my own agent, I didn’t
have an agent at the time. So I wear a lot of different hats.

Are you just terrified of having free time?

No! Actually in my free time I love to jog, to read, to
write, I love spending time with friends and eating out at restaurants. I love dancing.
I love my free time, but I am good at
organizing my time, and I do make time for special time for friends and special
time for myself.

You’re returning from the first Decoys. Are you the same

Yes. In the second one I’m a clone and I come back as a queen bee and I have a
whole bunch of little trainees. We’re back at it again.

The movie seems like the kind of fun, tongue in cheek movie
that must be fun to make, that it must be a blast on set.

The energy on set was great. It was great to be a star of
the movie and to be interviewing people. It was such a great opportunity to be
wearing all those hats in that environment.

You were in Dawn of the Dead, where you died very well.

Thank you!

I assume they didn’t cut you in half in with a chainsaw, so
how much of that was you and how much was trickery?

What do you mean? I have a really great surgeon who sewed me
back up together!

I would have believed it if you told me you had sewed
yourself back up, with all the hats you wear.

In my free time I like to do surgery… No, they created an
animated dummy of me. Before shooting I did a five hour prosthetic session,
where they did a nose cast, a mouth cast, a chin cast, a half body cast and a
full body cast. They took all kinds of pictures of my face to get the flesh tone
and the beauty marks the same. I had blonde curly hair in it and they cut
chunks of hair out to make sure the blonde was perfect and the curls were
perfect. They really went all out in making sure this was a perfect replica of
me. It’s absolutely amazing to be standing in front of yourself – it’s creepy,
it makes you laugh and it’s very surreal. And I wasn’t expecting this, but they
got it to move while I was looking at it and I just [screams right in my ear]!
It scared the shit out of me, but it was hilarious!

Did you get to keep it?

No, I didn’t get to keep it. Once they were done with the
chainsaw scenes, my body was pretty mangled up.

When you’re playing an alien queen bee with trainees, do you
get into Method acting?

I used my experience as a yoga teacher and I looked at them
as my protégés who I had to strengthen and uplift. I used that knowledge and
transferred it to this.

What are some of your favorite horror films?

I have a few. I remember that when I first saw Final
Destination, I loved it. The concept of death coming back for you – I believe
things happen for a reason. If you’re meant to die it’s going to happen one way
or the other, and that whole concept and the heightened reality of having the
experience of seeing it in the movie theater scared the beejesus out of me! I
was screaming, I was jumping – I injured myself in the theater. I was in
sandals because it came out in the summertime, and I yelped and my legs yanked
up and I hit my feet on the bottom of my seat, and my boyfriend at the time I
grabbed his hand and screamed and I banged his mouth on my tooth. Not to
mention that I’m pissing off everybody else in the theater because I was
screaming! I yell in movies. So that was a fun one. The Ring was absolutely
scary and anything circular I found frightening to look at on the way home. I
liked The Grudge as well. And Saw II – it wasn’t scary, it was more creepy and
gross. I did interviews for Saw II, and I saw it at 9:30 in the morning. It was
quite the interesting experience sitting there, having your coffee, and seeing
these horrific images. They stayed with me, and the experience I had so early
in the morning carried throughout the day.