Tonight is the series premiere of the new sketch comedy show, The Whitest Kids U Know. The show, which is produced by Jim Biederman, aka one of the guys behind The Kids in the Hall, is pretty goddamn hilarious. I’ve had a chance to see the first episode, which airs tonight, and it’s a mix of some older stuff (like the Hitler rap I linked to last week) and some newer stuff, like a great Abe Lincoln skit and a really creepy, weird and funny deer hunting sketch (by the way, I think creepy, weird and funny is a good way to describe the often bizarre stuff these guys do). The show airs on the Fuse network tonight at 11 – give it a shot, just for the two skits I mentioned above. And there’s a third amazing skit, a song, that you can watch on Fuse’s website. Just click here and choose “Get A New Daddy.”