I was under the impression Neighborhood Watch was being delayed to avoid the uncomfortable controversy surrounding the shooting debacle in Florida, but I guess they feel the news cycle has moved on enough that a title change — to simply, The Watch — is good to begin marketing for the July 27th release. Hence this trailer.

Because of course dubstep.

I like both the major gags (I continue to find Jonah Hill hilarious, and the shooting thing is good), but I’m unsold on the team overall and yet another alien film does not innately excite me. I’ll give Akiva Schafer the benefit of the doubt though, and there’s certainly more room for future trailers to fill ou the dynamic a bit.

Actually seeing these guys talk about neighborhood watch vigilantism, shoot things, and push around a teenager, by the way… I can only imagine the facepalming at the studio a few weeks ago. Tremendously bad timing. And if MIB3 doesn’t do well- what chance does this have? If the Will Smith tentpole does hit, then this should be an easy enough sell.

via Film Stage