You could go to an amazingly romantic lake setting right at twilight, cover the surface of the water with rowboats meant for cuddlers and lovers, fill those boats with cash and still not have anywhere near as much money as New Line is still making off romance hit The Notebook.

So it’s no surprise that the studio is going back to Nicholas Sparks, author of the novel from which the movie sprang like a pretty little money printing homunculus. The new effort is based upon the novel Dear John (if you must buy it, buy it from CHUD!) and will likely star Channing Tatum.

Apparantly, Sparks is a Tatum fan. Quoth New Line honcho Toby Emmerich in Variety: "We talked about the things that were important to Nicholas, and it
turns out he is a fan of Channing Tatum … who is in a similar
position to where Ryan Gosling was when he did The Notebook.
Though I wonder if Emmerich misheard him, and that the author is really a follower of Dederick Tatum.

Boyfriends who were dragged to Step Right Up will be pleased to know that their man-crushes on Tatum might also soon be satisfied by Parkour, New Line’s action flick for the new star, written by Kevin Lund and T.J. Scott. If Tatum does his own wall-climbing in that one, I’ll become a believer.