Dance.I know way too many of you are fans of the dancing teen romance genre and hold a special place on your shelves for stuff like Dirty Dancing, Save the Last Dance and Step Up. I dunno if it’s the exhilaration of the final dance number where the couple tears it up in one another’s loving embrace to triumph over adversity or what, but for all you tender hearts, this bit of news  is right up your alley.

Fox Atomic loves teen dance movies too, and that’s why they’ve picked up and plan to fast track an untitled pitch from Duane Adler, King of the "dance meets other side of the tracks" love story*. The synopsis breaks down to pretty much what you’d expect: lots of music, lots of sassy-girl-and-tough-guy meeting in the middle for their one true love – dance. Romance and self-enlightenment occur amidst the hardship of teen infatuation.

No news on a director, but with that formula, does it even matter? However, we do know Mark Karz will produce with at least the same fire and energy that propelled Malibu’s Most Wanted and First Daughter into glorious obscurity.

*Adler wrote both Save the Last Dance and Step Up.