Gas Masks and Guns. It's a Slipknot concert.If you’re averse to clicking on CHUD advertising links and have managed to avoid the Hills Have Eyes 2 banner, shame on you. Repent and visit it here. If, however, you have clicked through, you’ve seen the rough 28 Weeks Later trailer footage brought to you by the mood-setting yowls of Muse.

The footage isn’t too revealing (explodin’, chasin’, frightenin’!), but I still felt a little gid doing jumping jacks behind my sternum as I watched and I’m looking forward to seeing the execution of the WWZ-like premise: The US has let refugees back into the country after having squelched the rage infection. Apparently, we’ve got some seriously functioning government in the near future when they can eradicate a plague and bring order to a country in 7 months. But wait- as the refugees pour back in, some of those dirty bastards still carry the virus and all hell breaks loose all over again. In hindsight, maybe that future government isn’t all that functional after all…

…But Fox Atomic’s marketing group and graphic designers are. They’ve cobbled together a teaser poster in the vein of the newly popular "functional" movie poster. It’s part of the universe of the film, but wink, wink, it’s also advertising the movie. The poster is, if you hadn’t noticed, hanging out on the right for your critique (and in a higher res version here).

From where I’m squatting, I like the newly popular break from floating heads functional poster trend. 28 Weeks Later‘s version looks like one of the album covers from 90’s Industrial group Front Line Assembly and is somewhat bland and predictable (and I think that’s the militaristic point), but it still gives a cool sense of portent, even if a gas mask wouldn’t do much to help you under the weight of 30 screaming, hyperspeed zombie-virus folks.

28 Weeks Later opens May 11, just in time to ironically coincide with Trauma Awareness and Military Appreciation month.